Equipment Main Pack (Pro-Trekker)
Pro-Trekker Camera Bodies:
Pentax Z-1p with Grip
Pentax PZ-1

Pentax FA* 24mm f2
Pentax FA 50mm f2.8 Macro
Pentax FA* 80mm-200mm f2.8
Pentax F* 300mm f4.5 (w/tripod mount off A* 200 Macro)
Pentax FA* 600mm f4.0
Pentax Rear Converter-A 1.4x-S
Kenko Pz-AF Uniplus 25mm extention tube

Spare Batteries:
2 or more 2CR5 batteries
4 or more 1.5v AA lithiums
4 or more 1.5v AA Alkalines

Tiffen 77mm UV filter
Tiffen 77mm 81A filter
Tiffen 77mm Circular Polarizer
Hoya 67mm Cirdular Polarizer
Hoya 52mm -> 67mm step-up ring

Pentax cable switch F
Various lens brushes and cleaning cloths/tissues
Film leader retriver
Silva Compass
Small flashlight
Nut driver (for tripods)
Audubon bird call
Small memo book

Pentax AF-500FTZ flash
Pentax TR Power Pack-2
Pentax Hot Shoe Adapter Fs
Pentax F 5P and F 5P(L) Sync Cords
Better Beamer FX-2
Sekonic L-308B
Stroboframe Quik-Flip Bracket
Manfrotto 259B Variable Extension Pole
Two Hamma Mini Tilt Heads
Two 24"x28" folding silver/grey reflectors
One 5"x8" 18% grey card